DUO PRO-PESTREPELLER consists of two efficient highfrequency generators, transducer and dual speakers, to driverodents and insects away electronically and intensively!The device is suitable for using in home, apartment,restaurant, school, office, basement or any indoor areas.


DUO PRO-PESTREPELLER is effective in controllingmice, rats, roaches, fleas, crickets, ants, spiders and most ofthe other common pests. Laboratory research has shownultrasonic sound waves attack the auditory and nervoussystems of most common pests causing them pain anddiscomfort. With up to 135 decibels of sound pressure,pests will give up their source of food, water and shelter andmove on. These high-intensity sound waves are out of therange of hearing of human beings and most household pets.

DUO PRO-PESTREPELLER will not interfere withtelevisions, radios, electronic burglar alarms, fire or smokedetectors, pacemakers, hearing aids or other electronicequipment. DUO PRO-PESTREPELLER will not harmplants, either.