This new improved and user friendly PIR Super Animal-Away provides you a convenient, non-location limited, effective and humane way to deter the cats, dogs, rabbits, squirrels and field rodents out of your gardens, lawn and yard without harming them.


Super Animal-Away utilizes the sophisticated PIR (Passive Infrared motion detecting system) to monitor a fan shapedarea of 70 degree arc. and distance up to 12 meters which is over 85 square meters of unobstructed space. Intrudingcreatures will be detected within the protecting area. The new improved Super Animal-Away will project sound wavesat frequency range of 18,000Hz to 24,000Hz randomly and continuously variable to deter the intruding creatures oncethe detecting system is triggered. 

Super Animal-Away can operate on 2 pcs. of 9V alkaline battery. The utilization ofinfrared motion detecting system is applied to save battery energy and activate the sound projection system. With thebenefits of battery operation, Super Animal-Away can be easily installed at any place without electricity. You maymount the Super Animal-Away to the wall outside of your building, or use any posts to stand the unit on the ground. Although the unit is weather-resistant, it is recommended to remove the main module from the mounting shelter if stormsare expected.

The new improved Super Animal-Away is equipped with a DC power input jack to provide the option of adapteroperation. The performance of Super Animal-Away powered by adapter is same as battery operation. The mainsoperation is an option, so that the adapter can be purchased from your dealer separately if it is not included.

The sound waves emitted from Super Animal-Away can hardly be heard by humans but is uncomfortable to animals,whose only reaction is to quickly move away.

UNWELCOME ANIMALS AFFECTED* Cats * Dogs * Squirrels * Rabbits * Outdoor Rodents